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Oscar Morales Family bldg.

completed: 1998





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Main Street Santa Paula, ca 1910
This mural reflects Main Street as the vital center of the growing town which was founded in 1875. Main Street served as the social, educational and religious center of town. Vignettes on the right show the original Blanchard Library, built in 1910; children from the first elementary school located nearby and El Brilliante Market, center of the vibrant Mexican commerce in Santa Paula at that time. The perspective in this mural is so real, residents find themselves tempted to drive right into the mural!



Art Mortimer, muralist

Art Mortimer is considered one of the originators of the mural movement in Los Angeles. His mural work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, books, and on television and in films. Since 1971 he has created more than 60 murals throughout the United States. He has taught classes and workshops on mural painting in a variety of schools and communities.

He has been chosen by several cities in California to create a “Mural in a Day,” a daunting feat requiring tremendous organizational skills in planning and recruiting artists to complete the concept he sketches out on the wall chosen by the city.
Art Mortimer was an excellent choice for our first muralist, capturing the attention and appreciation of Santa Paulans as his work unfolded on a prominent wall in downtown Santa Paula. Mortimer, an unusually approachable artist, made people feel comfortable watching him at work and listening to their stories about our local history. Teachers from the High School art classes brought their students on site to observe and learn from this master artist and his particular approach to creating a mural.

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