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Celebrating Santa Paula's Latino Culture
This mural depicts the rich culture of Santa Paula's Latino community. It honors their devotion to family, religion, education and country. It demonstrates their progression from laborers in the fields into the trades, business and professional fields through hard work, perseverance and determination. It illustrates their love of music and their cultural awareness with the musician and Zoot Suiter. Landmarks in the background are Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, ca. 1929, Santa Paula High School bell tower, 1939 and Main Street clock tower, 1905.



Eloy Torrez, muralist

Artist, Muralist, musician and songwriter, Eloy Torrez is one of Southern California’s most accomplished muralists. A graduate of Otis Art Institute in 1983, Torrez worked in various artistic mediums before establishing himself in the field of larger than life murals with his 72-foot tall mural, titled The Pope of Broadway, depicting Anthony Quinn dancing, on the wall of a building on Third and Broadway in Los Angeles.

Torrez has lectured at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and at UCLA and his art was part of traveling exhibitions of Chicano art in France, Spain and Sweden.

Chosen as the artist for this mural from among several outstanding Latino muralists, Torrez worked with Latinos from Santa Paula to determine how they would like to see their rich and colorful culture portrayed in the mural. Over a period of several months, Torrez, working together with Margaret, his wife, muse and soul mate, created this beautiful mural celebrating the multi-faceted contributions of the Latino culture to Santa Paula.

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